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New6.25" Egyptian Thoth Sculpture Figurine Ancient Egypt God Statue Candle Holder
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400 B.C Ancient Egypt Late Ptolemaic Period King Blue Faiance Ushabti Statue.VF
Inc Heiroglyphics to Cartouch - Finest & Complete state
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NewEgyptian King Tut and Queen Nefertiti Set Bust Egypt Decor Statue Bronze Color
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1924 Port-Said General View and Statue of Lesseps Vintage EGYPT Postcard
Middle East
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NewWolf Tea Light Holder Gargoyle Statue Home Collection Figurine Decoration Egypt
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New Amazing Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet Statue Made in Egypt
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Across Theban Plain Memnon Statues to Luxor Egypt Underwood Stereoview c1900
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What is the name of the huge cat statue in Egypt?

its the big trick by the pyramids of Egypt .. whats it called?

What is that big statue called that is in Egypt?

It looks like a big stupendous cat laying?
Please if you know please show me a picture.
Who ever gets it right gets to be best explanation ^-^

The Sphinx is the name of the big statue in Egypt. The nose of the Sphinx was shooting off by French soldiers.


Jerusalem antiques dealer slams Israel-Egypt 'plot'

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Egyptian Statues
64 pages
Egyptian Statues

7 Conclusion The basic characteristics of ancient Egyptian formal statues were governed by their function as focal points in cult. Frontality was a fundamental feature from the beginning to the end of the pharaonic period, and its dominance  ...

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo
312 pages
The Egyptian Museum in Cairo

Here the statues of kings Khasekhem and Djoser as well as the base of Djoser's statue are exhibited. Continue towards ... At this point enter Room 12 which houses the statues of Egypt's 1mperial Age, namely the 18th Dynasty. The visitor will ...

59 pages

Ground floor, gallery 48; This statue of is one of the first statues of a Pharaoh. It was found in Hierakonpolis. Here the Pharaoh wears the White Crown of Upper Egypt. The head is tilted forward to balance the mass of the White Crown. His left  ...

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Sekhemka statue: Northampton Museum loses Art Council accreditation
Sekhemka statue: Northampton Museum loses Art Council accreditation Two museums have lost their accreditation status after the controversial sale of a 4,000-year-old Egyptian statue to a private collector. Northampton Borough Council sold the Sekhemka limestone statue for nearly £16m at auction to help fund an

Civilization Statue in Alexandria destroyed, stolen
Ahmed Barakat, the professor of sculpture at the University of Alexandria who designed the statue, said he was done with sculpting and painting the masterpiece, pointing out that he went on Thursday morning to put the final touches on the statue before 

Egypt makes slow gains against antiquities thefts
Egypt makes slow gains against antiquities thefts CAIRO - Tucked in a corner of the Egyptian Museum, a gilded statue of King Tutankhamen is badly broken, its arm detached and a mound of gold flakes chipped off its torso. At least the statue - one of thousands of objects looted from museums and 

At Lady Liberty's Feet
At Lady Liberty's Feet For Egypt, it was pyramids and papyrus, and India was all about pretty ladies. I guess they are not It's like catching a glimpse of a deity, “the goddess of democracy,” as the Tiananmen Square protesters named their own liberty statue. I lost count