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Athena Pallas Alabaster sculpture bust Goddess of Wisdom and Strategy
Sculpture & Carvings
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Sculpture & Carvings
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Sculpture & Carvings
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NewBIG Beautiful Gold hand painted King Tutankhamun Sculpture statue bust mask+ PEN
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Time Left: 1d 2h 55m

Bust of Beethoven Large Sculpture Music Statue Art 18"
Sculpture & Carvings
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Metal art sculpture bust of woman on wooden base
Sculpture & Carvings
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Time Left: 1d 5h 14m

Artemis Diana Alabaster sculpture statue bust Ancient Greek Goddess of hunt
Sculpture & Carvings
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Antique Art Nouveau Polychrome Plaster Chalk Bust Female Sculpture GRAPES
Sculpture & Carvings
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Time Left: 2d 9h 45m

Roman General Agrippa Bust Hollow Mask Sculpture Museum Reproduction
Sculpture & Carvings
Time Left: 25d 6h 48m

LG Vintage Victorian GIRL BUST New Art Wares 220 Sticker Heavy sculpture Chalk?
Sculpture & Carvings
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Time Left: 3d 0h 17m

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Where can I find replicas of Classical Sculpture ? I am looking for anatomical casts, classical busts.?

I intend to use these reproductions to read academic Art, Classical Realism, Oil Painting and naturalist. In paritcular I'm looking for Camouflage Laocoon. What gallery has a good reputation for service quality and customer?

The best place to get plaster casts of ancient sculpture is Giust Wobern Gallery, MA.
P is the name of Bob, of course, very nice. His rehearsals are the best I have seen anywhere.

Instead of the upper class to buy plaster casts of ancient sculpture is Giust Wobern Gallery, MA.
The owner name is Bob, of course, very nice. His rehearsals are the best I have seen anywhere.

Should I do Hayley Williams or Sonic the Hedgehog for a bust sculpture?

For my art hurl, I have to do a bust sculpture of a person or character. I'm stuck between the two!!! Sonic or Hayley?


People will still recall him in a few years.

aaahhh Sonic!

Presidents' Day is Washington's time to shine

His likeness graces currency, stamps, sculptures and paintings. This year Presidents' Day will be celebrated Feb. 22 to the existing federal holidays of New Year's Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Washington's Birthday had thus become the first federal holiday to recognize an individual's birth date. By 1968, strong support from both business and labor had urged Congress to consider standardizing holiday observances to Mondays, thereby creating a three-day weekend. In May of that year, the Congressional Record noted a three-point benefit package to Monday holidays directed specifically at families:. Three-day holidays offer greater opportunities for families — especially those whose members may be widely separated — to get together. " "Monday holidays would improve commercial and industrial production by minimizing midweek holiday interruptions of production schedules and reducing employee absenteeism before and after midweek holidays. The implementation of the Uniform Monday Holiday Law in 1971 officially moved the observance of Washington's Birthday to the third Monday in February. (Meaning the observed holiday can never fall on Washington's actual birthday. JUST GEORGE Contrary to popular belief, there is no federal holiday called "Presidents' Day. " Although Congress created a uniform federal holiday law, it could not force a uniform holiday title agreement among the states. Although the states dutifully shifted their recognition of Washington's Birthday to the third Monday in February, many chose not to retain the federal title. One of the first was Texas, which shortly after the implementation of the law renamed their state holiday President's Day.

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Sculpture in Britain, 1530-1830
522 pages
Sculpture in Britain, 1530-1830

Margaret Whinney. demand, for they were for the most part Flemings, without the strong tradition of bust sculpture common to seventeenth-century Italy and France . Their ability, on the other hand, enabled them to provide the supply. The bust ...

British Sculpture and Sculptors of Today
176 pages
British Sculpture and Sculptors of Today

Busts of Mr. J. Passmore Edwards, Dr. Garnett and Mr. Rathbone, Statue of Queen Victoria for Calcutta, Chaucer Bust, Decorative Work, Terra Cotta Work on Constitutional Club, Frieze at St. Clement's, Bedford, Bronze Memorial, ...

Classical Sculpture, Catalogue of the Cypriot, Greek, and Roman Stone Sculpture in the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
332 pages
Classical Sculpture, Catalogue of the Cypriot, Greek, and Roman Stone Sculpture in the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Skupinska-Løvset (1983) published 161 funerary busts from Scythopolis, including 5 in the UPM (95, 97–100) and ... of the sculptures from their specific tombs or their contents is regrettable and makes dating these crude busts dependent on ...

Modigliani in Martigny

 These early years were a turning point between Post-Impressionism and Cubism, and the dual influence of Cezanne and Picasso can be clearly discerned in Modigliani’s ‘Nu Assise’ (above).  It is painted on the reverse of a portrait of his early supporter, Jean Alexandre, and is framed by wooden supports covered with gallery and transport labels.  The unmistakable Modigliani style has not yet evolved, the girl’s face and proportions realistic, unstylised, though crudely outlined – however, a suggestion of it begins to appear by 1909 in ‘Jean Alexandre’ on the other side…. But following a crude stone sculpture of a head, and an abstracted study, it suddenly appears fully formed. ‘Beatrice Hastings’ (right, 1915) – the artist’s partner for several years – exhibits the classic Modigliani hallmarks of elongated neck, sloping shoulders and slanting almond eyes, though in a slightly more primitive form than they would later...  He was greatly influenced by the austere, primitivist stone busts of Brancusi, to whom he was introduced in 1909.   Modigliani’s early, pared-down, timeless style is most similar to Brancusi’s ‘The Kiss’ (below, 1907-8) – and is also comparable to Eric Gill’s stone reliefs, such as Ecstasy (1910-11).  Later Brancusi produced sleek bronze heads which, rather than speaking of the primitive past, appear to derive from the technological present of machinery and industrial modernism – like Epstein’s Rock Drill or Gaudier-Brzeska’s Vorticist bronzes.  Of these heads ‘Mlle Pogany’ (below right, 1912) is displayed, the long smooth curving neck, tilted head and large lozenge-shaped eyes so very like those adopted by Modigliani. However, when the war began in 1914, sculptural materials were in short supply, and this coincided with a further decline in Modigliani’s health (tuberculosis was intensified by work, drink and drugs)....


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Boom & Bust
Boom & Bust Four of the ideal busts in the Corcoran Atrium belonged to the banker and philanthropist William Wilson Corcoran himself. Most were made by the American Hiram Powers. A seventh bust of the eponymous Corcoran – created by the sculptor William H.

In Pursuit of Excellence: Work by nationally-recognized Wartrace sculptor to ...
Inaugural presentation of Buchanan Medallions to all graduates of the Buchanan Scholars program. Sculptor Tracy Sugg, right, and her son, MTSU Transfer Fellow Philip Sugg unveil the bust of James Buchanan that Tracy was commissioned to create for the 

Botanical Gardens create local wonderland
Botanical Gardens create local wonderland These “mosaiculture” sculptures are elaborate, natural monuments of many different creatures in the animal kingdom. Located in the Cascade Gardens, the Earth Goddess, the first installment, is a 25-foot bust of a woman cloaked in flowers and leaves.

Tourism After the Taliban
“The void is the true sculpture,” a UNESCO consultant said in 2012. However, that hasn't stopped some people from trying. Tasked with building a plateau to support the wall of the smallest niche, a team of German conservationists in 2013 built two